1. I’m guessing whoever invented coffee started by chewing on a coffee bean to see if it was edible (to beat that whole pesky starvation part of hunting-gathering) and thought to themselves as they bounced off the cave walls “Holy Goat-Dung! I gotta water that shit down!” or at least coat it in chocolate. 🙂

  2. Not to get technical on you but the beans have to be roasted first before they are crushed and brewed into coffee.

    And drinkability is a term commonly used in Budwieser ads. They claim that Bud Light has drinkability. So does water, which is what Bud Light tastes like, so I guess it makes sense.

  3. having a cup-o-heaven myself right now. and yes… who thought crushing up beans (ps roasting them first) and then pouring boiling water on top would be a good idea?? mmmm. brown hot water. we should drink this??

    sort of like pulling a tuber out of the ground, baking it and throwing butter and sour cream on it would be good… but yes, maker of the baked potato, you rock, too!! {and kudos for adding cheese and bacon bits too, you betty crocker, you!!}

    shout out to the coffee guy/gal and the baked potato geniuses!!

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