The Diaper Diaries 05/19/2011

When I started this gig of babysitting to make a living I wasn’t entirely sure that my mental choo choo train hadn’t left the rails.  My baby is 20, I haven’t changed a diaper in a very long time and I was never much of one for domestic goddess roles.  I gave up on being a stay at home mom and have worked all my life.

When I got layed off from the company I had been with for 26 years I actually didn’t mind at first.  I enjoyed being home and hanging with my daughter, cleaning and even started cooking again. (I hate to cook, the hubmiester did all the cooking when we were married)  I wasn’t blissfully happy but I was pretty content.  I was able to spend time writing each day, hooking on blankets and still keeping the house in order and doing all the laundry.  I was bored more than anything but hey, it worked.

I’ve been the victim of the crap economy 2 more times and decided this was getting old so I decided to try childcare.  It was one of those over a cup of coffee brain storms with my mom one Saturday morning.  Within a week of getting the word out I was watching 3 siblings, Princess Smiles A Lot (7yo), Mr. Man (2yo) and Miss Thang (9 mths).  We transitioned from 2 days a week to 5 days over about a month to a month and a half.

My world of corporate office inventory and managing offices became feeding schedules, changing diapers, naps and homework.  And I love it!  I never imagined I would really enjoy this, but what is not to love about a toddler hugging you for no reason at all, or a baby grinning ear to ear when she sees you?  Nothing beats rocking a little one to sleep and off to dreamland, it is such a sweet few moments!  And if the sore muscles and looser jeans are an indication, I’m slowly taking off weight and toning up with all the up and down steps, lugging kids, chasing them, etc.  At the end of the day I am totally drained and happy to see my pillows!

I’ve been spit on, pooped on, fallen over baby gates, stepped on toys that have left some interesting bruises on my foot, been pinched, and still find this one of the best jobs I have had!  🙂  During nap time I clean up the kitchen, do laundry and still have time to write or play a few rounds of Farkle on Facebook.  And the pay isn’t bad either!

I also started working as an independent sales representative for Avon, which has spawned a new blog page for me, where I will write my lipstick diaries of my adventures.

It is a steady income, and I feel like I have accomplished something at the end of each day. I think I made a good choice of career changes after all!


  1. Marti, I like the first episode of your Diaper Diaries. Since you are digging out from that pile of shit that surrounded you in 2010, you’ve been running out of writing steam in the other arenas. Or else, you are happier. Whichever or whatever the case, keep up the momentum!

    • Thanks Joe. Had lots to write about but was trying to be a bit more selective as to subject matter and find happier things to write about. Getting there!

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