The Dating Diaries ~ Post Game Commentary

Our boy, Chuck, may have been batting from the bottom of the order, but this player brings serious potential to the game and should be watched closely in the coming match ups.  In fact, he is being moved to the top of the batting order, the coaching staff doesn’t want to over look potential great talent.

He brings to the field a strong frame, tall and broad shouldered (always  a plus for this scout).  Great sense of humor, not shy, and intelligent, he is definitely very composed in the batters  box.  No strike outs  here, he cleanly hit  every pitch despite noting at game time that the pitcher could be trouble (more points).  🙂  Very observant, took great notes before game time, stepped up to the plate and impressed the Marvelous one, this guy doesn’t miss a beat, he is more than big league material. He  has mischief in those great eyes, and I picked up on a playful streak too (bonus points on the  board!).

Certainly too early to know if  this player will make the team, but the scouts are very interested in seeing more of what he has to offer!  Yes, he will remain in the line up 😉

Beyond that, the Marvi one is just  a bit speechless (I know right, me at a loss for words????).

Stay tuned, you just know Chuck will have more to say, and the dialog will no doubt continue over the coming days before the next opening pitch of the next match up.

Play ball!


  1. Maybe we (yes, WE) should bring this player up slowly thru the minors and make sure he is ready for the big leagues. Not only is he dealing with Manager Marti, but there is also the Assistant Manager Martha, the hitting and base coach, Angie and the bench coach, Jeannette. Not all players are ready for this kind of pressure.

    • Hmmmm…well if this scout finds this player to be someone of serious interest, of course he will have to be subject to the Diva-cratic red tape before any kind of contract would be negotiated. But so far it is believed the coaching staff would approve of further investigation.

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