AH!!! My Crops Withered!!!!

Yep, I did it again, I am playing Farmville.   I know I know, slap my ass and call me STUPID!!!  What was I thinking? 

I used to play on my previous Facebook account all of the time.  But that account had a URL that included FYRWIFE as a part of it, so I ditched it.  I’m no longer a fire wife and have zero intention of ever being one again.  Mostly because every relationship with a fire fighter has ended, and I was left with my heart in pieces.  Aquarian fire fighters the worst of the bunch, they really captured my heart and it was tougher to get passed.  SO anyway, where was I…oh yes, I had a HUGE farm, lots of neat stuff..and it is all gone now, gone with that ID.  I created a new Facebook page and recently got sucked back over to the dark side.  I swore I’d only play Farkle, it is addicting enough, but then I did it…like a junkie staring at a fix…I clicked the Farmville button.


So, once again my life is starting to revolve around harvest times.  It isn’t to the point of setting the alarm on my phone to remind me that I need to haul my virtual hiney out to the fields to harvest the eggplants, but it won’t be long.  Heck I just posted a status on my Facebook asking my Farmville fellow addicts to please unwither my Chrome Daisies, seems I forgot all about them and now there they are, dried out and brown in the fields.  SIGH….

Moments of weakness and stupidity be damned!

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  1. Ummm…I so wish I had not seen your picture of that farm…now I am having visions of my own withered crops out there in limbo..and my pretty pink cows starving and needing milking…uh oh!

  2. so what is next …starting up that zoo ? you know you want to……where was that zebra herd again … need a spare platypus ?

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