This Just Sucks…

I am sitting on my deck, at 5am, tweeting and Facebooking by the light of my phone and Febreeze luminaries.  Our power is out.

Our electric lines in the neighborhood are under ground, so we woke up puzzled that our entire neighborhood is pitch black at a bit after 3am.  No fan, air conditioning, nothing but silence.

We spotted the flashing lights at the corner and the fire truck turned around on our street a while later, prompting my sister, niece and me to wander down in our jammies to find out what is up.

A transformer blew on a pole, down the road where it isn’t under ground…and the whole damn pole went down! So they are replacing the pole and transformer.  Lord only knows how long this will take but with temps later today expected in the 90’s, any time is too long.

I am very thankful we have a Bunn home coffee maker, we had one pot of coffee thanks to the reserve tank.

I think this qualifies as an emergency…no power equals no coffee! Thankfully I can blog from my phone.