The Sole Of The Marvelous One

No that is not a typo in the title, I’m not talking about my soul.  I am referring to my soles, those that are on my feet.

I will be the first to admit that I love shoes.  Being a girl of course I have a shoe fetish, though mine isn’t all-consuming like some women.  I can zero in and nail the cutest pair of shoes in the mall, right in my cross hairs and absolutely LOVE them.

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Adorable lace bootie heels are my current favorites.  Avon has a kick ass pair coming out in campaign 18 (I love being a rep and seeing stuff in advance) that I WILL own.  They are peep-toe with a gold tone zipper up the back!  Heels are so feminine and I very much enjoy being decked out in girly stuff sometimes.

Another type of shoe I dearly love, a really GOOD pair of running shoes.  You cannot beat the support found in these, and if they are fitted correctly I could walk around in them all day.  At the end of the day I find less back pain from being in well-fitting athletic style shoes.

Slippers of course are a must have, especially in winter for walking around the house.  If they have a rubber sole I will sashay on out to the mailbox in them.  They have to be fuzzy or furry inside, and super comfy.

Flip flops, can a girl ever have enough of these? Nope, not hardly!  Quick shoes for when it is very hot and  you have to run to the gas station, grocery store, or across the very hot concrete driveway, no shoe collection is complete without them.

I once had a very knowledgeable man tell me that he could tell if a woman was high or low maintenance by the number of pairs of shoes she owned.  🙂  I am happy to share that I am considered low maintenance, I own less than 15 pairs of shoes.  In fact currently it is under 10.  No doubt he is correct, as I know plenty of chicks and the more shoes they own, the more maintenance required to make her happy!

However, my very favorite pair of shoes in the WHOLE world?? NONE!  I love shoes, but I detest wearing them.  In church my shoes are under the pew in front of me.  If I am out to eat with a date, one I am comfy with and enjoying myself, I relax, kick my shoes off and sit cross legged/Indian style  on the booth seat.  In my favorite  pair of shoes I am usually rocking out polish on my toes, and now that it is summer I try hard to keep the feet in good shape with lots of TLC and great foot lotions.  The best lotion being peppermint, it feels so good and refreshing.  When home I am either barefoot or running around in little footie style socks.  I go through a few dozen pair of those a year because of the lack of shoes most of the time.

I think the lack of shoes on my feet, running about bare footed, is a part of my personality.  To the dismay of the various men in my life, I am a very open book.  The former prince turned ex husband, my police officer son, a couple of boyfriends and the current White Knight, my personal security is of great concern because they feel, like my feet, I am entirely too bare and open for view.  Like my feet, I prefer to be free and without restrictions.  And like my tooties, there is risk when one is so exposed.  But it is who I am, simple, carefree and unrestrained.



  1. Oh My! Who knew I was high maintenance – I have about 25 pairs of flip flops alone — don’t have any idea how many other shoes I have 😦

  2. That is a kick ass pair of shoes!

    Even more kick ass? Is knowing the deliciousness of being barefoot!

    Loved all of the analogies!

  3. I totally agree. I prefer barefootedness. People always think they have to remove their shoes when they see mine sitting next to the front door. Really, as soon as I get home I just wanna take those suckers off!

    • Ditto!! Mine come off when I come in the door..sometimes I even have them off in the car!

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