I Had A Dream…

Last night I had a dream.  Actually 2 dreams.  It was a rather odd night of vivid images that were just plain weird.  I don’t usually remember my dreams but as I was having a pretty fitful night I’m not shocked they stayed with me this time.  So intense, so real and so off the wall that they have kinda stayed right there with me all day.

The first was that QFB/Queenie, the old former friend that I was once very close too, and I made up.  Yes I know, and no hell did not freeze over which is a good indication that it was just that, a dream (some would say nightmare).  She came to me, all tears etc about how much she misses me and our friendship.  Yep and the Bengals might go to the Superbowl!  But it was crystal clear down to her perfume and red nails.  I hold no hope of that, but not from my side.  You know me, I’m forgiving to a fault.  From her side of the equation that is about as likely as pigs flying.

The other dream involved my marrying Long Beach and moving to a beautiful home he claims he has in Long Beach, California.  Again, entirely too vivid for my taste.  I’ve never met him, just heard his voice and seen photos, but my brain did one heck of a job of creating the house, the man, the rings, the hugs, the sleeping by his side…even his cat!  Seeing as how he has dropped off the face of the earth again (he tends to do this disappearing act), this was definitely a dream.  My imaginary dream man!  One entirely too good to come true, as I suspected from our first encounter years ago.  He nearly had me convinced he was for real this time.  But my belief holds true, never trust anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook.  Or who shares a birthday with the ex!

I woke up both  times totally confused and having to spend a few minutes orienting myself to my surroundings, checking my hand for wedding bands, and thinking  hard before confirming that yes those were dreams.

I write it all off to the sinus infection I have and the lack of meds to treat it until today.  I’m thinking I  seriously need to put lavender oil on my pillows tonight, too much weirdness when I don’t.

I’m beginning to think my returning to school for 2 weeks, beginning next week and then into a full time job for a while is a good thing.  Too much time playing with virtual animals and farms and my brain is confusing reality and fantasy!  I need the insurance and farming crops on the computer in FarmVille2 is just not getting it done.

But until next week, this is what will keep me busy. Speaking of which, I have chickens to feed.