My Tribe, My Sisters, The Minions

MinionsNot the little yellow guys sporting the BC glasses.  Oh, BC?  That means “birth control”.  As in glasses that will prevent one from getting any, um…well sex.  Hence they prevent pregnancy and are referred to as birth control spectacles.  Yeah, warped, I know.  Back on track, I’m hijacking my own post here.

No, my tribe is Mel’s Minions.

Last year around this time, maybe a bit earlier in the year, our Avon district had this amazing District Manager, Melanie Moore.  She is a direct sales guru of sorts.  Word is she joined many of the direct sales organizations out there to learn their business model, what it is they do and how they do it.  She is incredibly successful at this business because she is like a sponge for information which she then squeezes back out in workshops she designs to train and teach direct sellers to do it better.  Mel knows how to bring together a group of people, plant some seeds of wisdom and get them motivated.  Then they start talking and sharing, which causes fresh ideas, growth and if the direct sales rep taps into what he or she learns and uses it, they add to their business success.

Anyway last year  in the spring, Mel planned a ‘retreat’ for those of us in leadership with Avon that were in our district.  We went away for a few days to a cabin, dividing up cooking duties, packing not only food and drinks (hey women and wine = good times), but note pads, laptops, and most importantly our imaginations.  What we did not know was she was preparing us to carry our own torches, as a group, to inspire, motivate and support each other.  See, our illustrious leader was leaving to go to a new company and she wanted to give us all something special – a tribe.  It wasn’t what she called us, in fact we didn’t really have a name.  We dubbed ourselves Mel’s Minions during that time, and absorbed her shared wisdom.  Our unspoken mantra?  WWMD? (What would Mel do)  More than that, she got us thinking, planning, calculating ways to improve our businesses by helping and supporting each other.

Since that time, some of the minions (myself included), joined Mel’s new company and maintain our Avon businesses as well.  One thing that did not change, we’re still the Minions.  We have our own group on Facebook and help each other whenever possible.  And this month, we’re going away for a Minion Retreat again, with Mel.  The Minions, my Tribe.  One in which no one gets voted off the island, when meeting challenges there is no immunity, we kick butt together.  My direct sales sisters, my sister posse.

It never matters how bad things are going in business, or how we are feeling, when we get with the Minions either online or in a group, we come away feeling like new women.  Motivated, inspired, and ready to get back in the ring.  I need my head and heart back in the game, not just with Avon, but my other company, SwissJust.  And this next over night with the Minions is just what the business doctor ordered.

To all the Minions – Love you chicks and cannot wait for the retreat!

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