Living The Dream?

Sorry, but I’m most definitely NOT living the dream.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, life is incredibly awesome!  Please do allow me to explain.

Often I folks say they are “living the dream”.  It used to more or less bounce off the side of my head, or slip in one ear and out of the other.  Then one day I was in the shower (where I do all of my best thinking for some reason) and got to wondering….exactly what IS the dream?

That snow balled.

See, I don’t know who came up with ‘the dream’ and exactly how that dream would be defined.  Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it isn’t MY dream.  I have my own dreams, full of goals and desires suited to me, the Marvelous One.  My dream isn’t like your dream, or my mom’s or anyone else’s for that matter.  Oh it has many similarities to the Knight, making it quite fun to share OUR dream, which is his dream combined with mine.

All I can figure is that if someone says they are living “the dream”, well they are certainly not living anything special, as it seems everyone is living that dream.  I’m too special to be that ordinary, thank you very much.

So, you go on and live it, if that is what you desire.  I’m not interested in the dream.

I am living MY dream!  And MY dream is pretty darn MARVELOUS!



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  1. excellent attitude. I like the way you rolled that out.
    my current dream would be to be able to actually think in the shower without one of my kids coming in to “just grab something”, or, “mom, I got to tell you something.” haha. but other than that, life is pretty darn fabulous.

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