T.G.I.F. ~ Unplugging Edition

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Today I saw a post from my daughter that got me thinking. She has decided to unplug from Facebook and completely eliminate Instagram from her life. Instead of looking at her phone, she wants to be looking into the faces of her husband and 3 boys. I have to say that at first I did not care for this one bit. I like her posts, enjoy her thoughts and of course the pictures of my grandsons. We even talked on the phone about it all.

And then…I gave it some consideration in my own life. After all, we are talking technology in the latest series at church and how powerful it can be, and not always for the positive if we let it control us.

What would it mean for my life, the time I have here, if I were to simply delete the Facebook app from my phone and only check it on my laptop. My computer is in my office at home, it requires being away from the television, being in a room pretty much set up for the function of working on my health coach business and Avon business. The room where I sit down to pay bills or write my blog posts. When in here I’m focused, when I’m in the living room with my phone in hand I’m spending countless hours of my life looking at the screen. Hours I could be making something for my shop, reading a good book, having coffee with my sister, cousins, or friends. Time I could be in prayer or reading my bible.

What if the first thing I did was not check Facebook to see who posted what over night, when the alarm goes off. My day, just how would it look if I didn’t start off with people bickering about someone else’s stand or opinion on who is representing what product or protesting whatever it is that has their uniform pants giving them a wedgie. And news apps, what if I just simply deleted them from my phone and didn’t get bombarded by alerts for every time someone in the nation’s capital blows their nose?

The idea of it all is rather appealing, and frightening! How will I know what someone else thinks about who Nike should have endorsing their over priced shoes and attire? Who likes the President or does not and why. What will I do without having to vet various articles folks post to see if it is truth or they’ve been hoodwinked by more fake propaganda (and 90% of the time that is what has happened). How would I stay in touch all day with what friends are up too, or family? I mean, we might have to resort to texting, mailing letters and cards, or *gasp* talking on the phone or over coffee…IN PERSON! And then doing so without our phones in our hands!

Well…why the heck not? What if I were to schedule time each day to check on Facebook then logged off the laptop and walked away. Suppose I met up for coffee with a friend and the rule to spend time with me is no phones out or I walk away rather than have someone rudely checking their phone when the time together was to be together. I already have my circle I send cards too, but what if I shared more about what is going on in my life, you know, old school style like in a letter!

I like it. Just schedule time each day to check in on Facebook then log off and move on. People could text me, or message me (I’ll keep my messenger app on the phone for Facebook). I can use CinchShare for my business postings without once logging into Facebook. Yes, yes this is a very good idea.

So, if you are reading this and we are Facebook friends, know that I’m only checking it 30 minutes a day from now on. I need to simplify my life some and this is a solid first step. Unplugging my phone from Facebook and news apps by simply removing them. We will see where things go after that. Want info on how I can help you with your health? Call/text/message me. Curious about an Avon product? Same!

Want to contact me? Text, PM my messenger on Facebook, call me, write me a note or send a card. 30 minutes a day on Facebook isn’t much time to like, comment, or form much communication. In fact, from behind a screen it really isn’t communication at all.


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