Simplifying My Beauty Routine

This post does contain links to items mentioned that are available in my Avon Online store.

On days I have to work my routine is pretty simple. Just skin care and I’m finished. This is because as a nurse aide, makeup usually ends up sweating off and landing on my shirt sleeve as I use it to wipe my brow/face when elbow deep in something requiring gloves.

Days off are different, I wear makeup in addition to my skin care routine. I keep it very simple with a toner, foundation, contour stick, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick then set it with a spray. Always the same colors, so only need one of each. But being an Avon Beauty Boss I was known to purchase multiple colors just because which resulted in lots of colors of items that went unused after one or two wears.

Yesterday was clean out the makeup vanity day. Not only did I toss a lot of makeup brushes that were dusty from lack of use, and containers of makeup that were either not used or almost entirely used up, I found a lot of recently purchased new items. These were for replacing currently used items as they run out, but I hadn’t checked the vanity so I was discovering I had 2 or 3 of items already that I’d have likely purchased again thinking I was going to need a replacement soon. This will cut my makeup budget down considerably in the coming months! Money saved just by cleaning out the vanity!

The above items are long gone now, freeing up space in my organizer.

I went through my closet, grouping things like work uniforms, winter shirts, dress shirts, jeans etc. In doing so I ended up donating a number of items I simply don’t wear and don’t need. This process is ongoing as I’ll  be turning hangers around backwards and at the end of the winter anything not worn will be donated. I’m looking into a capsule wardrobe as other than work I don’t need much as far as clothing.

nailsI LOVE having nails. They are feminine and pretty. But in my line of work long nails are a potential injury hazard to my residents in the form of skin tears and scratches. My own injuries can occur when making beds, doing dishes, etc, by catching a nail and ripping it off. There is the germ factor too, with any number of things getting under the nails. When it comes to being budget smart, $40-50 every 3 weeks for nails is also expensive. But for holidays or special occasions I like having pretty hands. Usher in the KISS IMpress nails! Around $7 for 28 very pretty nails it is a bargain, and there is zero guilt about removing them for work. Replacements are easy too if one pops off as there are backups in those 28 nails that can quickly replace the lost one. I went to the store and found the french tip nails on clearance for $4 each pack and purchased the last two. For $8 I have enough nails to go a while so unless or until they become an issue at work. Not a bad deal at all and they look great! Everyone at work thought I had gone to the salon and had them done.

No, that is not a wedding ring, it is a ring I wear that says, “Be the change…” on the outside, and inside inscribed, “you wish to see in the world”. It is a reminder to me to always do the right thing and spread kindness.

My sister also did a major purge yesterday, trashing countless bags of unusable items and donating 5 huge bags of clothing, this is spreading and such a good thing!

More to come as I head down this road to minimize my life on many fronts!